Bicycles and motorcycles are among the smallest, most agile and fast in traffic,  plus cheapest means of transportation.
But they seem unstable, they offer little protection in a collision, and you may think there’s nothing to do about that.

You may be wrong. Over 45 years of research  can surprise you:

– Click here to know more about 2-Wheeler steering and solutions for safer bicycles and motorcycles.

– Click here to know more about 3-Wheeler stability and a surprising road motorcycle with two driving-steering front wheels and passengers sitting astride each other.

I’ve worked since 1971 on the development of safer 2-Wheeler and 3-Wheeler bicycles and motorcycles.
I’ve arrived at two conclusions:

-1- Bicycle and motorcycle safety and fun to ride can definitely be increased.
Click on the first link above:
– To discover a novel steering theory explaining why bicycles and motorcycles stay upright and ride so well.
– If you’re a motorcycle rider: To discover a technique enhancing steering precision, safety, self confidence and, above all, fun to ride.
– If you’re a road or mountain bike rider: To  discover how you can increase steering precision in order to hold  your ‘line’.
– If you’re interested in novel 2-Wheeler concepts: To discover how they can still be steered with ease and fun, even when the rider is held against a backrest by seatbelts, inside a protective structure.
– Or to know more about the contributions and limits of over 10 other known 2-Wheeler steering theories (Countersteering, Gyroscopic reactions, Front fork geometry, Target fixation…).

-2- Road worthy 3-Wheelers can definitely offer advantages over road motorcycles in terms of safety, comfort, practical use and fun to ride.
Click on the second link above:
– To discover an analysis of 3-Wheeler types developed up to now.
– Discover a 3-Wheeler type presenting a strong potential in terms of comfort, safety and fun to ride enhancement over regular 2-Wheeler road motorcycles.
– And examine two such 3-Wheeler prototypes.

Hope you have fun exploring this non-commercial site.

Pierre M. Ethier, Mechanical Engineer.
Member of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec
LinkedIn profile: Master Degree in motorcycle dynamics from Laval University, Quebec
Novel 2-Wheeler and 3-Wheeler concept designer for over 45 years.
Pierre Ethier may be pronounced “Pee-Air . A-Tee-A” to get you closer to the French pronunciation.