Surprising road motorcycles:

A 3-Wheeler with:
– two driving-steering front wheels and
– passengers sitting astride each other,
may offer more fun to ride than a regular road motorcycle, while offering:
– more comfort
– more luggage space
– more distance between fill-ups
– and increased safety.
You have your doubts, but you’d be willing to take a look, just in case it could be true?
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1. Ordering 3-Wheelers:

Just like 4-Wheelers that can be family cars, sport cars, race cars, trucks…,  3-Wheelers were not created equal. It’s essential to sort them in order to put them in perspective and better discern their qualities and weaknesses.

2. Novel 3-Wheeler with two driving-steering front wheels and passengers sitting astride each other:

Discover a 3-Wheeler offering a strong potential in terms of comfortsafety and fun to drive, compared to regular 2-Wheeler motorcycles.

3. New 3-Wheeler possible configurations and examples:

Many latest developments of this new 3-Wheeler concept must still remain secret.
But what are the possible configurations of this 3-Wheeler? Engine power, vehicle size and weight, equipment…

4. Analysis of 3-Wheeler stability:

3-Wheelers can be stable on the road … if well designed. But how to make sure that they are?
A simple visual analysis is followed by a more thorough mathematical analysis.

5. Marketing environment of the new 3-Wheeler:

One may dream and imagine that this new 3-Wheeler is extraordinary. But maybe no one’s interested in it or maybe the market competition with regular motorcycles is way too strong for it. So is there room for this new product?

6. Conclusion: Which 2, 3 or 4 Wheeler is best for which application?

Pierre M. Ethier, Mechanical Engineer.
Member of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec
LinkedIn profile: Master Degree in motorcycle dynamics from Laval University, Quebec
Novel 2-Wheeler and 3-Wheeler concept designer for over 45 years.
Pierre Ethier may be pronounced “Pee-Air . A-Tee-A” to get you closer to the French pronunciation.