A beautiful design does not by itself alone sell a vehicle. Like any other product, a vehicle must present many appealing attributes to attract consumers.
Also, a vehicle is a compromise and cannot possess all appealing attributes. Right from the start, it’s the general concept or component layout of a 2, 3 or 4 Wheeler, that determines its potential of appealing attributes. And with its own set of attributes, each vehicle concept performs better in different applications.
The table below summarizes typical applications where these vehicle concepts perform best, in the order of their potential (1st, 2nd or 3rd) for each application:

A) Practical in terms of passenger and luggage space / Traction in snow / Collision protection:
Front wheel drive cars are nearly alone to offer a compact engine-gear-box-differential-drive-shafts package, which leaves maximum room for passengers and luggage, while increasing weight up front for best snow traction, for better passenger protection in case of frontal collision and for better high speed stability.

B) Acceleration 1/4 mile:
The center of gravity height of motorcycles lets them lift their front wheel during hard accelerations. This transfers weight on the rear driving wheel which thus supports all the rider-vehicle weight and permits the best forward accelerations.

C) Motorcycle free-air-freedom / ‘Custom’ look / Apparent mechanical simplicity:
All motorcycle manufacturers have fallowed the ‘custom’ motorcycle trend. Ideally, a custom motorcycle is a well chromed Harley and nothing else. A 3-Wheeler cans also be bare-boned and chromed, but it will hardly do better than second in the race.

D) ‘Formula 1’ race car sensations:
Nearly no sports car or regular 2-Wheel motorcycle can rival the T-Rex and G-Max at generating ‘Formula 1’ class sensations when driving: The steering wheel has to be removed to get in the ‘cockpit’ and seat or ‘lean’ at about 110mm from the ground. The engine roars behind the seatbacks. The vehicle turns street corners at surprising speeds…

E) Motorcycle free-air-freedom / Power / Touring capabilities: 
A conventional touring motorcycle nearly doesn’t have anymore reason to exist, considering the new 3-Wheeler’s advantages:  Increased gas tank capacity. Double luggage capacity compared to a regular touring motorcycle. Stability at standstill, on the road and at high speeds. Excellent maneuverability and safety… This 3-Wheeler can further be equipped with bigger suitcases, with electrically adjustable windshield and suspensions, with heating seats and handles, with radio communications… and with any other equipment increasing comfort and easing long travel distances.

F) Fast and fun to drive on a winding road or track:
We cannot show the latest developments of this new 3-Wheeler concept that are secret.
But we estimate that if well developed, such 3-Wheeler have the potential to beat any production car or motorcycle on a fast road track.
Saying it or proving it on paper is one thing. Proving it for real on the road or track is better.
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