Our new 3-Wheeler concept also has the engine in front of the driving and steering front wheels. But the passengers sit astride each other like on a regular motorcycle or a snowmobile.

Here again, the engine and passenger being in front and behind the two front wheels, the center of gravity (yellow-black circle) of the vehicle-occupants assembly is located close to these front wheels that provide stability against rollover.

And again, this 3-Wheeler can be as stable as a car on the road and cannot be rolled over in curves in normal use.

Right off-hand, this 3-Wheeler layout may simply seem to be a regression from the Trihawk, Lomax and Blackjack Avion, that all had the two passengers sitting aside each other for more comfort. But in reality, this layout offers a surprising set of advantages:
– in terms of stability,
– in terms of mechanical performances,
– in terms of passenger protection
– and in terms of day to day practical use.
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