Our new 3-Wheeler is not more stable than a car. It’s simply just as stable as a car in normal use.

In reality, the point is not to compare our new 3-Wheeler to cars, but rather to regular 2-Wheel motorcycles. It’s in fact within the motorcycle market that this 3-Wheeler will have to compete and present strong advantages. Compared to these motorcycles, things are a lot different:

1) No rollover while accelerating:
There is no problem in curves while accelerating, like with the Scorpion or T-Rex, that can both rollover (as explained in the section on these vehicles).

This problem does not exist because in a curve while accelerating, there is a weight transfer from the front wheel interior to the curve, to the other front wheel exterior to the curve. So this weight transfer limits the weight on the interior front wheel which drives the vehicle, in the case of our component layout. This limits the ground traction available from this interior front wheel, which limits at the same time the traction available from the exterior front wheel, because of the differential.
It’s like when a car driving wheel is on the ice while the other driving wheel is on the asphalt, during winter. The wheel on the ice skids and has no ground traction, so that the other wheel cannot help move the vehicle either because of the differential.
This finally limits the acceleration instead of increasing it as for the Scorpion and the T-Rex.
This new and peculiar component layout thus limits the chances overturning.

2) No falling at standstill:
Even with a rear passenger, fuel tank fully filled and all three luggage compartments fully loaded, the vehicle cannot fall because of its three wheels.
A rider is thus certain not to be left alone to get his heavy motorcycle back up.
He’s also sure he can go back to work Monday morning, without an ankle broken by his heavy touring motorcycle dropped at stand still.

3) No falling when braking hard:
On wet pavement or on ice patches at the beginning or end of the season, there’s no danger of falling and slipping under the incoming traffic, like with a regular motorcycle.
And with no risk of falling, the rider can use all of his braking power without fear of locking the front wheel and falling, like on a regular 2-Wheel motorcycle.

4) Stability at highway speeds:
The vehicle is very stable against side winds, because it’s a front wheel drive with all the weight of its power train at the front, like an arrow head.

Stability is a strong point of this 3-Wheeler component layout with two front driving-steering wheels and passengers sitting astride each other.