In day to day practical use, this 3-Wheel concept again offers a series of advantages:

A) Large gas tank capacity:

The lightweight ness of a 3-Wheeler is not as crucial as for a standard motorcycle that has to be held up with the tip of the toes. So the gas tank can easily hold 50 liters or more, for an excellent range between fill-ups.

B) Large locked luggage compartment:

Furthermore, there is no track under the seat like on a snowmobile.
This frees a large volume (yellow volume at the right) that can constitute the main locked luggage compartment, corresponding to the three suitcases typical of touring motorcycles.
Thus, two helmets can be stored in that compartment along with two full body rain suits, two pairs of boots, and two pairs of gloves. All riding gear can be left in the vehicle, ready for use after shopping at the mall, after a work week or after a long winter season storage.

Furthermore, this 3-Wheeler can even carry over 66% more luggage if two more suitcases are added at the back. So it’s possible to travel without being bothered by a small trailer, like regular touring motorcycles. Also, these added suitcases can increase protection in case of lateral collisions.

Still more, even when fully loaded with luggage, the vehicle is not harder to hold at standstill and the reverse gear can still be used without tip-of-toe acrobatics, like with a regular fully loaded touring motorcycle.

C) Easy to park:

If the passengers get off, the engine still acts as a counter-weight to lighten the rear of the vehicle.

So the rear can easily be lifted and  swinged sideways to park or to get out of a tight parking space, out in town or in a garage.

It’s even easier than with a snowmobile who’s track and skis drag in the snow, while the 3-Wheeler simply pivots on its two front wheels around the differential.


D) Easy to tow:

Finally and not least, a tow bar can be installed at the front of the chassis. So it’s possible to attach it to a car.

The 3-Wheeler rear end can even be moved sideways to ease insertion of the tongue over the car hitch.

So luggage can be stored into the 3-Wheeler which can be used as a trailer to go on vacation. Arrived at the beach, the 3-Wheeler that holds all needed gear, can be used to run around and enjoy the summer weather.

This 3-Wheeler could become the preferred towed vehicle of many motor homes, since it’s lighter and less cumbersome than a small car or a regular motorcycle on a trailer.

This 3-Wheeler component layout with two front driving-steering wheels and passengers sitting astride each other offers an impressive sum of advantages in terms practicality.